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    Updated Web Browser Needed for eButterfly 3.0

    Please note that eButterfly 3.0 requires web browsers that are up-to-date for optimal viewing and use. Please make sure your browser is the latest version available. If you are using Internet Explorer it must be version 10 or later. Here’s a helpful article listing the latest versions and how you can check. Thank you.

    Welcome to eButterfly 3.0!

    ButterflyingWe are pleased to announce the release of eButterfly 3.0, an updated version of the powerful Internet-based program currently used by thousands of butterfly enthusiasts. eButterfly is a free, user-friendly way for butterfly watchers across North America to record, archive and share their observations anytime, anywhere. It is also an important tool for conservation, providing researchers with a comprehensive picture of the abundance and distribution of butterflies. The data come to life via eButterfly’s colorful, new interactive maps, tables and charts. (more…)

    March eButterflyer of the Month: Rick Cavasin

    Rick Cavasin in action.Rick Cavasin, naturalist, photographer and eButterflyer extraordinaire, is our March eButterflyer of the Month. Rick has been involved with eButterfly since its inception. He is one of eButterfly’s top contributors with 552 checklists and 1,353 photographs submitted! He’s tallied 142 species on his eButterfly life list so far. Rick has been a fantastic beta tester, always provided extremely valuable and insightful feedback and proposed new features to the eButterfly team to help improve the user experience. Additionally, Rick helps to curate the eButterfly database by verifying records in his region and beyond. He is also involved with the Ontario Butterfly Atlas as a data compiler and he is the creator of two excellent and comprehensive resource websites for butterflies in Ontario: and We asked Rick why he was attracted to butterflies and eButterfly. (more…)

    eButterfly’s Eclosure

    The seed for eButterfly was planted over 60 years ago when Jacques Larivée started Études des Populations d’Oiseaux du Québec bird checklist program. Now with over 6 million records, it’s the longest-running bird checklist program in North America. The daily checklists have provided incredibly reliable information on changes in bird populations, phenology, and geographic and climate abundance patterns at local, regional, and continental scales.

    His young son Max Larrivée grew up checklisting in eastern Québec. It wasn’t birds that caught his eye, but rather butterflies. “Because of my dad, I swam in butterfly and bird checklists since I was five years old,” said Larrivée. “I first thought of building a checklist-based butterfly website in 2000 when I entered graduate school.” (more…)


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